Rep. Blackburn: 'House'keeping remains before Senate switch

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) will become Sen. Blackburn in just a couple of weeks.

In a recent interview, she said she’s eager to start her new job, but there’s work still to be done as a Representative before taking the next oath of office.

Blackburn said before the year is over, she wants to make last year’s tax cut for individuals permanent. She also wants to secure funding for beefing up the US-Mexico border wall.

As for next year, Blackburn said with a democratically-controlled House, and republican Senate, fixing roads, bridges and ports may be the best chance for compromise. "My hope is that some of the resistance that has been in the House to some of these components, that now that they are in charge, that they will move forward and say let’s get this done," she said.

Blackburn said she felt Congress took a big step forward on infrastructure by funding broadband expansion efforts this year. She also said she's eyeing roles on committees tasked with working on business, judicial, and armed service issues.

New and returning members of Congress will be sworn-in on January 3rd.

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