Quad Cities area vets bring special tracings back from Washington

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Several local veterans will return from a special trip to Washington, D.C. with a simple piece of paper, that hold an incredible meaning.

The veterans traced names of those etched into the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Vietnam War veteran Phillip Dorsey will bring back slips of paper with three different names.

Dorsey said, “It shows that they’re still with me. Two of them I knew very well. Doug he was -- he’s my wife’s first cousin and she wanted me to get that for her. I was very happy to get it for her.”

James Gordon, also a Vietnam War veteran, also traced a name on the wall, but says it's not for him. Gordon says he plans to surprise a friend by giving her a tracing of her late husband's name.

Gordon says he will also give a tracing to the solider's son, who wasn't born when his father died.

Gordon said, “They don’t have him anymore, so it’s a memory of him. They best memory they could have. His son never saw him, she was pregnant with Aaron when he went to war.”

The trip to Washington, D.C. was made possible by the Honor Flight of the Quad Cities. Organizers brought nearly 100 local veterans to see the memorials built in their honor.

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