President Trump urges safety ahead of Hurricane Irma, talks economic plan

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WASHINGTON (GRAY TV) -- President Donald Trump began his weekly address by reassuring Americans that he’s working with state and local partners ahead of Hurricane Irma.

“This is a storm of absolutely historic, destructive potential,” he said.

He urged those in the storm’s path to heed the warnings of local and state law enforcement.

For now, he said government agencies are working together to prepare a response for the storm. No matter the damage, he said the country will recover.

“We will restore, recover, and rebuild together as Americans,” he said.

He said in times of disaster, such as now, America stands united. He said you can see this in the way people respond with kindness, prayer and generosity.

“From Texas to Louisiana, from Florida to Puerto Rico, and always the US Virgin Islands and everywhere in between, that has been affected by these terrible storms, we will endure and come back stronger than ever before,” said Trump.

He then transitioned to talk about a recent trip to North Dakota. During this trip, he talked about tax cuts and tax reform.

“As president, I am committed to pursuing an economic policy that lifts up all of our citizens, provides hope for all of our communities, and generates wealth for everyday, hard-working people,” he said.

He touted economic success in the US so far, saying that since January, 1.2 million jobs were created and unemployment is near a 16-year low. He said that for the economy to continue to grow, there needs to be tax cuts and tax reform.

“Our current burdensome tax code is a massive lead weight against the American economy. It costs us millions of jobs, trillions of dollars, and billions and billions of hours wasted on paperwork and compliance,” he said.

He promised that his administration is working with Congress to come up with a plan that would lower taxes and help the middle-class. His plan will include the following steps:

1. Make filing taxes as simple as possible. He said taxes would be filed on a single page for most American families.

2. Cut taxes for middle class families.

3. Restore competitive edge to create more jobs and higher wages with a smaller business tax rate. He said this will bring overseas jobs back the US.

4. Make it easier for companies to “bring back trillions of dollars that they’re keeping overseas.”