President Trump signs Farm Bill, Ag secretary says it means certainty for rural America

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Thursday, President Donald Trump signed a new Farm Bill into law.

It will direct agricultural safety net policy over the next five years.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said, “Farmers need that piece of mind over the programs. These are rules and regulations that they have to comply with to farm.”

Perdue said many of the safety net programs aren't changing much. He said there are some small tweaks to milk and cotton programs.

Heated debate over this bill delayed it for three months – and had little to do with farming.

The President and House Republicans demanded tougher work requirements for food stamps.

They’re not getting that but Perdue promises a new rule to crack-down on those he says choose aid over work.

Perdue said, “I mean America was built on workers, not on dependency and this is what we’ve slipped into.”

But a key Senate Democrat says the rule is a slap in the face to the bi-partisan Farm Bill compromise

In a statement, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) promised the rule, “This regulation blatantly ignores the bipartisan Farm Bill that the President is signing today and disregards over 20 years of history giving states flexibility to request waivers based on local job conditions. I expect the rule will face significant opposition and legal challenges."

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