President Trump joins White House tradition, pardons Thanksgiving turkey

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- President Trump using his pardoning power.

"Today in the spirit of thanksgiving. I'm going to grant a presidential pardon to a turkey," Trump said Tuesday afternoon.

In his first White House Turkey Pardon, Trump spared a turkey named Drumstick from this years’ Thanksgiving table.

“Oh I think Drumpstick is going to be very happy."

Drumstick and his sidekick Wishbone came from Carl Wittenbergs farm in Douglas County, Minnesota. President Trump gave a special shout out to Wittenberg and the Presidential Crew, a group of 4-H students who helped bring the turkeys to Washington DC.

“Please stand what a great job you’ve done," Trump said.

Presidents like George H.W. Bush and Barrack Obama have all participated in the annual tradition. Despite Trump’s disagreements with President Obama he decided to keep Obama’s pardons intact.

“Tator and Tot you can rest easy," Trump added.

The message of the day was to be thankful. But Drumstick and his pal Wishbone just might be the most thankful of all.

This was President Trumps last event before heading to Mar-a-lago for the holiday.

The turkeys, however, will head to a farm in Virginia to spend the rest of their turkey days.

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