Pratt and Whitney shows of new 'Geared Turbofan' on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Ingenuity is on display on Capitol Hill. The aerospace manufacturer Pratt and Whitney made the trip to Washington to show off the latest in aviation engineering. They say with their innovation comes thousands more jobs across the country.

Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) says this technology is exactly the kind of thing Congress should invest in.

They say their revolutionary Geared Turbofan engine is the epitome of “Made in America.”

“There’s nothing that competes with this engine, and it’s just an exciting time in the aviation industry,” said Bill Greenwood, an engine mechanic at Pratt and Whitney.

He says this new technology will reduce engine noise by 75 percent, save on fuel by 16 percent and create countless jobs.

“Pratt and Whitney alone they’re hiring mechanics left and right, engineers, everybody. It’s really awesome,” said Greenwood.

An integral part of the Turbofan is the fan which is created in East Lansing, Michigan. With the need for more of these fans, Pratt and Whitney is expanding its operation, meaning even more jobs.

“They had one factory and I think they have one other factory coming online. So it’s really a great place,” said Jim Speich, director of marketing for commercial engines.

The company brought their product in front of lawmakers to show that they need more funding to continue innovating.

“Why not here? This is the place to highlight any innovation technology, certainly one that is married literally to the expansion of jobs,” said Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA).

He says this engine is exactly what Congress should invest in. He says Pratt and Whitney is showing that manufacturing is alive and well in the U.S.

“America was built on manufacturing and it will continue to grow on manufacturing,” said Abraham.

Pratt and Whitney says they already have 8,000 orders for their engine worldwide.