Owners of Alaska hospitality company win Small Business Person of the Year award

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Years of hard work and dedication are paying of for Jason Motyka and David McCarthy.

Their hospitality business, Denali Visions 3000, has grown to 650 employees in 12 years. The company now operates three restaurants, two breweries, and a hotel.

Small Business Administrator – Linda McMahon – honoring them with the Small Business Person of the Year award for Alaska.

“It’s great to be here and meet other business leaders in the community," said Motyka.

The SBA is an agency they’ve worked closely with to help grow.

“We went to the SBA and said, ‘We want to grow this brewery. We want to do different things Alaska, but we need more capital.' We worked with Alaska Capital and First National Bank to help us realize our dreams," explained Motyka.

McMahon says small businesses are the engine of our economy.

“Small business is in a great place right now. There’s optimism in the country that there hasn’t been in a long time. We’re seeing more start-ups. Entrepreneurs are willing to take more risks as a result of this administration," said McMahon.

Like the president, McMahon is an entrepreneur herself.

“I know what it takes. I know the sweat equity it takes. I know the opportunities that need to present themselves," she said.

It’s not just McMahon these entrepreneurs can learn from.

“Everyone we’ve met has said, ‘Wow, Alaska is an amazing place.' So it’s great to tell them our story but also tell them what Alaska has to offer," said Motyka.

The awards are part of National Small Business Week, which continues through May 6.

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