Omaha business owner backs TPP at White House, Ohio Senators disagree

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Over 50 businesses met at the White House to add their input on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which was signed between the US and 11 other Asia Pacific countries a week ago. The partnership is intended to remove barriers allowing small businesses and farmers to sell their products overseas.

Nilufar Salama is a managing partner at Salama International in Omaha, Nebraska. Her company helps others learn about the exporting world.
She says it is difficult to go alone and the Trans Pacific Partnership helps.

“It is very difficult to go without it,” Salama said.

She came to Washington D.C. to share her experience and why TPP is good for her company and other small businesses.

“With TPP 18,000 tariffs are reduced or removed, making it easier for US companies to compete abroad,” Salama added.

While over on Capitol Hill two Ohio Senators are fighting back. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talked with the Ohio United Auto Workers about their concerns. President Obama mentioned the success of the auto industry in his economic report. But Senator Brown says these autoworkers worry TPP threatens to undo that success.

“We know what a declining auto industry we saw what Toledo went through 5 and 6 years ago and I’m going to do everything I can to keep that from happening again,” Brown said.

Toledo based Jeep was right there on display at the Washington D.C. auto show. Ohio Senator Rob Portman agreed with Brown that they need to keep those jobs in the US.

“I think we need to doc down more barriers oversees so that our UAW members can make the best products in the world in Ohio and have it be sent around the world,” Portman said.

But for small business owners like Nilufar, TPP is the way forward.

“I believe it’s a great thing for US business, she added.

After their meeting at the White House the group headed over to Capitol Hill to meet with members of Congress about the plan, likely to run into both those for and against the deal.

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