Ohio veterans honored in Washington with National Honor Flight

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC ) - Ohio and Michigan area veterans made the journey to Washington Wednesday thanks to a special program. Honor Flight brings servicemen and women from their hometowns to the nation’s capital for free to see memorials built in their honor.

Oscar Oehmler, Toledo, OH, says the war memorials in Washington bring back bad memories.

“Brings back a lot of memories when I was in the service. Not good ones,” sadi Oscar Oehmler.

Oehmler is a member of the greatest generation. He and other veterans from Ohio flew to Washington to visit the war memorials. Oehmler has been to the World War II memorial before, but he says it never gets easier.

“There’s a lot of things that goes through my mind that I don’t like to talk about. That’s all I can say,” said Oehmler.

The Toledo native says it’s important for younger people to see these memorials and understand what his generation sacrificed. Oehmler was shipped out to Pearl Harbor a week after it was attacked in 1941.

“It kind of hurts you to think how sad it must be for those people that they lost someone,” said Oehmler.

Oehmler was joined by veterans of other wars, like Miles Sheldon. He went by Sergeant Miles Sheldon in Korea. He says this first visit to the memorials was emotional.

“A lot of them gave a lot more than I did. You have to think about this. They gave their life,” said Sheldon.

Sheldon says he couldn’t dream up a better tribute to veterans of our past wars. He says they play an important role in our nation’s capital.

“I think they should be there to jog people’s memories now and then about just what has happened in the past,” said Sheldon.

Sheldon and Oehmler say they will hold dear their experiences from this trip down memory lane.