Ohio Republicans party ahead of Inauguration

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- It’s a serious political party.

The Ohio Capitol Society put on quite the shindig ahead of Inauguration Day.

Republicans put on their bow ties and ball gowns for drinks and Donald Trump themed treats.

“Coming down to the Inauguration with my wife was another opportunity to witness history and there’s no greater place to be than Washington, DC,” said Perrysburg Resident Haraz Ghanbari.

With a flash of the photo booth, guests showed their support for the next president.

Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, joined the party with a message of unity.

“You see the party now coming together. There were some divisions let’s be honest. But now people are unified they want to see the country succeed,” said Portman.

Just beyond the elephant ice sculpture lawmakers entertained the party faithful, saying they’re ready for the big day ahead despite the rainy forecast.

“It might be a little bit damp tomorrow. Everybody is going to bring their ponchos and they are waiting to hear what the president- elect has to say,” said Rep. Bob Latta, R-Ohio.

Ohio Republicans mingling in the crowd say they're going to continue to rally behind president-elect Donald Trump, even after the party's over.

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