Nungesser leads group of lieutenant governors at White House meeting

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser (R-LA) visited the White House Wednesday as part of the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s gathering this week. Nungesser’s new role as chair of the NLGA is allowing him to put his state front and center.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with a lot of people. The learning experience of the issues that are bipartisan, “said Nungesser.

The White House meeting Wednesday with Small Business Adminstration Administrator Larry Kudlow and other administration officials focused on trade, specifically the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement that does not yet have Congressional approval. Nungesser says his focus is on seafood trade. He wants Louisiana’s seafood producers protected in whatever deals come to fruition.

“The Gulf of Mexico produces the best seafood in the world,” boasted Nungesser.

He says he spelled out for the administration the need for seafood inspection fees that would prevent other countries from selling seafood to the U.S. that is cheaper and less safe.

“It will help our local fishermen and crawfish farmers get on a level playing field,” said Nungesser.

The White House meeting was just one on a long agenda for Nungesser and his fellow lieutenant governors. His focus the rest of the week is leading the charge for best practices on a wide array of issues, like state park maintenance, childhood obesity, and the opioid crisis.

“See how they address them in their states and it helps us really bring some new ideas back to Louisiana,” said Nungesser.

Nungesser says he is also meeting with members of the Louisiana delegation on Capitol Hill. The Lieutenant Governors gathering continues through the end of the week.