No ruling yet on same-sex marriage

A same-sex marriage supporter stands just outside the U.S. Supreme Court

Twice this week already same-sex marriage supporters and protestors made their way to the United States Supreme Court, trying to catch the long-awaited decision on two issues regarding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage.

The court is looking at whether or not states have to allow same-sex marriages and whether or not they have to recognize same-sex marriages
performed in other states.

Interns raced across the marble steps of the Supreme Court, delivering the
SCOTUS decisions to waiting crowds.

But just after 10 a.m. Thursday morning, after a landmark decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act came down, ­ the crowd was left still waiting.

"We will be back here tomorrow again," same-sex marriage supporter Judy Walton from Michigan told us.

Same-sex marriage supporters are waiting it out. They lined up in rows holding flags, trying to cool off from the stifling heat with paper fans that read "Be You."

"If it's tomorrow that would be amazing because there¹s a bunch of pride
events happening this weekend so it would be the perfect way to celebrate," said same-sex marriage supporter Shane Bitay-Chone, who came all the way from Los Angeles for the decision.

A small group of people supporting traditional marriage took a quiet stand, too.

"We believe that there is a fundamental constitutional right to free speech and religious liberty and we just want to make sure that's protected in this debate," said Kassie Dulin with the Liberty Institute.

Some people delivering extreme messages made things even louder, clashing with same sex-marriage supporters.

Analysts tell us they think tomorrow will be the big day, but it's possible the court won't hand down a decision until Monday.

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