New Mississippi Congressman heads to Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Wide-eyed freshmen, ice-breakers, and buses -

"Good morning!” says one new lawmaker on her way to the shuttle to Capitol Hill.

I’s the first week of school for newly-elected members of Congress who start in January.

“Very exciting time for myself and for my family," explains Congressman-elect Michael Guest, R/MS.

After winning Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional race last week – Republican Michael Guest will go from a prosecutor, to a politician.

This week kicks off the training for Congress’ incoming class – and in-between learning his way around campus, Guest is meeting new colleagues and preparing for the work ahead.

“We want to do all that we can to learn as much as possible so that when January 3rd arrives, at the date that we’re sworn in that we can hit the ground running on Day 1," said Guest.

Congressman Gregg Harper is an advanced student of the Capitol -- stepping down after 10 years in the House. Not only is he helping Guest set-up shop in DC, he’s overseeing the crash course every new house member receives.

“I had that same lost look 10 years ago with the new members that are coming in," jokes Rep. Gregg Harper, R/MS.

Harper says his replacement, Michael Guest, will leave Mississippi in good hands.

“He’s a class act. He and his wife Haley are a lovely family and he’s going to do great," said Harper.

"The state of Mississippi and the third district will be well-served by Michael.”

Lawmakers will continue orientation meetings this week in DC. They’ll take a break next week for the Thanksgiving holiday, then return for one more week of preparation.

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