Nebraska transportation director testifies in Washington

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Nebraska Department of Transportation Director, Kyle Schneweis, has a simple message for Washington. Tuesday, he said, “Don’t forget about rural America.”

Schneweis testified at a Senate subcommittee hearing titled "Rebuilding Infrastructure in America: State and Local Transportation Needs."

Nebraska top transportation official accepted the invitation from Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE). Fischer said, "Nebraska has such a great story to tell when it comes to our infrastructure, our roads, and our bridges."

Congress is still figuring out how to handle an infrastructure investment. Last month, President Donald Trump laid out his plan which would include dedicated federal money being matched by state and local money.

Schneweis said, "It’s time for us in government and in infrastructure to get creative and have that business sense about how we approach our projects, and that’s what the president’s proposal is trying to incentivize.”

The proposal would also encourage states to explore partnering with private industry to unlock more funding for projects. Schneweis said, “I don’t think that public-private partnerships are a total game changer and are going to save Nebraska, but I do think there’s opportunities.”

While Schneweis says there’s nothing lined up, he said projects in Omaha and Lincoln would be the logical places for some private investment.

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