Nebraska family picks up inauguration tickets from Rep. Smith

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The halls of Congress are bustling. People from every state in the union are visiting Capitol Hill ahead of inauguration weekend.

Some were lucky enough to score tickets – like the Emerson family from Big Springs, Nebraska.

When asked if they've ever been to anything like this, Norm Emerson said, “Not like this, not this big. It’s not just educational for me, but for our two young [sons].”

“We’re Trump supporters and very happy that he won and wanted share in that," said Julia Emerson.

Before the Emersons get to see Donald Trump in person from the crowd, they had the opportunity meet with their congressman, Rep. Adrian Smith (R-NE).

“Obviously, they’re very excited, and I am too," said Smith.

Smith opened his office Thursday to his constituents picking up tickets, and is glad Nebraskans are getting the opportunity to participate in this American tradition.

“We have so much to celebrate as the American people – the peaceful transition of power. Every four years, we have an event like this. And I would hope we use this as a time for our entire country to focus on the challenges that we have," said Smith.

Smith is looking to see how President-elect Trump outlines his priorities.

“Transitioning from campaigning to governing isn’t always easy, but I think he’s chosen some high quality appointees and nominees to his cabinet," he said.

The Emersons hope Trump will help end bureaucracy.

“Just get things done," said Norm Emerson.

“Now I can say, ‘Yeah, you can be president. You don’t have to be a politician. I think it gives us a lot of hope and role model for the kids," said Julia Emerson.

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