Nebraska county commissioner brings local concerns to the White House

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) County officials are bringing their local concerns to the White House today to tackle important issues like natural disasters.

Nebraska's Douglas County Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson met with federal officials to discuss multiple topics important to local residents, including funding for natural disasters. (Source: Gray DC)

Nebraska’s Douglas County Commissioner Mary Ann Borgeson is one of those leaders. She’s interested in hearing how federal officials can work with local officials to get flooding victims the help they need.
She says the federal government is shelling out more money now than they have in the past 30 years to help local communities recover.

“That partnership that we have with them to get funds back to the local level and take care of our citizens is essential," said Mary Ann Borgeson, the Douglas County Commissioner.

“For Nebraskans, I think at the end of the day, they want their government to work, at all levels to serve people better, and that’s part of what we’re discussing today," said Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

Borgeson says she will also be participating in discussions to improve agricultural concerns, rural broadband and transportation.
This is not the first time the Trump administration invited local officials like Borgeson to the White House. The Administration hosted two thousand commissioners over the past few years, according to White House officials.

The Interior Secretary says these meetings are unprecedented for a presidency.

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