Nevada Gov. Sisolak passes on White House meetings over secret plutonium shipment

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- New Gov. Steve Sisolak (D-NV) tells Gray Television's Alana Austin he will not be attending White House meetings this weekend over secret plutonium shipment to Nevada from the federal government.

Sisolak and other bipartisan leaders from Nevada recently learned of the 2018 transfer and raise concerns about states' rights and potential hazards and risk posed to Nevadans.

On the decision not to attend White House meetings over the National Governors Association winter conference in DC this weekend, Sisolak says, "It's just difficult for me to go and break bread with someone that you can't trust."

When asked whether this is a missed opportunity to address Nevadans' concerns directly with the federal government, Sisolak says he has not received much response from the White House since the recent revelation.

He adds, "If I can't count on getting accurate information, what's the sense in making the pitch to them, and having the discussion? I thought we were in the midst of discussions and negotiating in good faith, and that proved not to be the case."

The White House responded to this development in a statement to Gray Television: "It’s disappointing that Nevada’s new Governor would choose not to take up his concerns with senior administration officials despite being given that opportunity. The Trump Administration is open to discussions with the Governor on this topic as well as others. Governor Sisolak has been invited to the White House twice in the last two months and turned down the invitation both times – that partisan approach is disappointing.” Judd Deere, White House deputy press secretary

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