N.C. Shelter pets get new leash on life

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WASHINGTON (GRAY DC) -- Hundreds of North Carolina’s neediest pets have a new leash on life. Taking shelter from Hurricane Florence, now dozens are up for adoption in and around the nation’s capital.

Volunteers evacuated every dog and cat from Kinston’s Humane Society just before Florence struck. Thirty-one cats, nine dogs landed in the arms of Colleen Learch and Lost Dog Rescue Foundation in Arlington, Va.

“When a storm’s coming, there’s going to be rescue partners in those areas that are in the eye of the storm that need help,” the volunteer and board-member explained, “and we’re ready to help.”

Cats and dogs with health problems are getting shuttled to the vet; all are expected to fully-recover. Getting pets the health care they need is just one of several logistical challenges for those taking in animals from the North Carolina.

But, volunteers say it’s a labor of love. “You look at the faces of these animals, and no matter how tough it gets, you look into their eyes and you know that it’s all worth it,” Learch said. Along with its kennel, Lost Dog placed several animals in foster homes.

Just down the road in Fairfax, Va., Homeward Trails also took in ten dogs from the Kinston area.

Learch said for many of Lost Dog’s volunteers, it’s tempting to adopt every one of the animals they take in. “Though we want to take all of them home, we know it’s far better, and we can be more effective if we get them great homes,” she said.

Some pets could find forever homes as soon as this weekend. That will open up even more space, needed space as shelters swept up in Florence get flooded with new arrivals.

Staff at Kinston’s Humane Society said they’ve already taken in 38 dogs since Florence hit home. They believe most already have homes, so if you’re missing a four-legged part of your family, please give them a call: (252) 520-0003.

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