NASA Administrator discusses Martian water discovery

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WASHINGTON  (Gray DC) -- NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says the discovery of liquid water on Mars adds more potential for life on the planet.

Bridenstine said, “We haven’t found direct evidence of life on Mars, but we’re starting to understand there’s the potentiality there.”

Earlier this week, Italian scientists published a paper in the journal 'Science' outlining evidence of liquid water under Mars' polar caps.

Bridenstine said, “We’ve known that there’s sheets of ice on Mars at the poles, what we haven’t known is that there’s liquid water.”

As far as sending people to Mars, the Moon could play an integral role. Bridenstine said NASA is focused on having Americans return to the Moon in a more cost-effective way compared to past missions.

He said, “Ultimately taking our astronauts to Mars by using the Moon as a proving ground.”

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