Missouri state representative travels to Washington to advocate for veterans issues

WASHINGTON  (Gray DC) -- As we approach the end of Veterans and Military Families month, the Trump administration is hosting a discussion on how to improve veterans' lives moving forward.

State and local officials from all over the country traveled to Washington on Wednesday, and had a chance to spend a few hours with U.S. Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.

Shulkin said it’s essential for his agency to work with state and local governments.
He also said, he’s focused on cutting federal government regulations that could be serving as a roadblock.

He said, “So what we’ve looking to hear from our state veterans’ directors is what can we do in the federal government to make their jobs easier, to serve veterans easier, and what’s the red tape and regulations that we can get rid of in the federal government.”

Missouri state representative, Charlie Davis, was among the dozens of state and local officials who met with Secretary Shulkin.

Davis said there are some issues that can be resolved by scaling back regulations.
Davis said, “I think we need to work on getting a health medical record system that is transparent and allows the portability from a civilian hospital to the Veterans Administration, so that way the care is universal between both of the facilities and they know exactly what’s going on”

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