Missouri lawmakers weigh in on tax reform

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The U.S. Senate is nearing a final vote on the Republican tax plan. Missouri Republicans in Congress traveled back home with President Trump for a rally yesterday.

But Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says moving forward right now would be a mistake.

“We haven’t had tax reform in 31 years, and it’s time to give the hard-working families some tax relief," said Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO).

Missouri Republican House members Vicky Hartzler and Jason Smith are back in Washington, a day after they boarded Air Force One and joined President Trump for a tax reform speech outside St. Louis.

“This tax reform means that people back home are going to see bigger paychecks and they’re going to have less taxes," said Hartzler.

"This is going to help the people of Missouri who make middle class salaries," said Smith, who played a leading role in shaping the House plan.

"This is about helping the people that live paycheck to paycheck, not the one percenters."

But many Democrats say this plan will give the biggest boost to the wealthy. Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says she thinks Republican leaders have not worked across the aisle.

"It is not only possible - it's probable that that would occur if they would just work with us," McCaskill said at a press conference Tuesday.

Her office was unable to schedule an on-camera interview with us to discuss the president’s visit to Missouri. Instead, they released this statement: "Unfortunately, this tax plan doesn’t live up the commitment I got from President Trump, when he told me he wouldn’t support tax reform that benefited the very rich at the expense of the little guy."

Following a vote on the Senate tax reform bill, both houses will have to come together to iron out the differences.

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