Miss Nebraska using Miss America platform to combat cyberbullying

Aleah Peters says she is addressing cyberbullying as she takes the national stage for Miss America.
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Miss America in the Nation’s capital! All 52 contestants are in DC this week, seeing the sites and hearing from their representatives.

"I decided that I didn’t want anybody else to feel that way," said Miss Nebraska, Aleah Peters.

Peters says she’s using her title to instill change. She was cyber bullied in high school by a group of girls she thought were her friends.

"I’ve used Miss Nebraska, and my local title even, as a platform to go around and share with schools how to treat one another and how to embrace each other and value our differences rather than tear us apart," said Peters.

As Miss America, her platform would grow that much higher. Peters says she hopes her unique character shines through to the judges.

"I really believe that I am real and genuine, and I think that’s one of the most important parts about Miss America is being able to connect with people on that level," said Peters.

Aleah says the fact that she can twirl baton doesn’t hurt her chances either.

"When I was about five years old I went to baton twirling lessons with a friend of mine," said Peters. "And we actually have a pretty large studio in Nebraska, so ever since I attended one class, I was hooked."

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