Minnesotans take first big step toward the future of the Land of 10,000 Lakes

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LAKE ELMO, MN (Gray DC) - Minnesotans took a first big step in deciding the future of the state Tuesday. With primary races complete, voters gave a glimpse as to how the state will look after the November general election.

In Lake Elmo, a town known for big turnout, they did not disappoint with nearly 25 percent of voters showing up to the polls. .

It’s a farming town with an appetite for politics. They don’t sit these elections out even if they’re primaries.

“People are engaged in the community and care about the outcome of the community,” said Diane Allen, the head election judge at the City Hall precinct.

Lake Elmo is in Washington County, 15 miles from the Twin Cities. While Minneapolis and St. Paul bleed blue, Washington County is more representative of the entire state. It leans slightly to the left as Minnesota did for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Voters seem to split down the middle here. Larry Weiss, a Lake Elmo resident, chose the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidates in this primary, including Lori Swanson for governor. Swanson was the first frontrunner to concede as Rep. Tim Walz (DFL-MN) went on to take the gubernatorial primary win.

“If you don’t let them know what’s happening, then they don’t know where to turn and what do most people want,” said Weiss.

Voters in the Minnesota primaries chose which party to vote for at the polls, but they had to stick to that party up and down the ballot. Christine Hermanson chose conservatives.

“It’s a more practical approach,” said Hermanson.

Hermanson likes Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson for governor despite thinking former Governor Tim Pawlenty will fare better in a statewide election. Johnson had the GOP endorsement and used it to his advantage cruising to victory.

Candidates who came out of these primary races will now look ahead to the general election in November.