Minnesota turkeys to be pardoned at the White House

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Meet the Willard Hotel’s fluffiest guests.

“They’re more active then yesterday so they must have had a good night," Markus Platzer, General Manager at Willard Intercontinental Hotel said.

Wishbone and Drumstick might just be having the best week of the turkey lives. Not only getting their own personal hotel room but being spared from Thanksgiving dinner. They were selected as this years' White House turkeys.

“They come in they get their own room but they’re treated like world class race horses," Carl Wittenberg, Chairman of the National Turkey Federation said.

Wittenburg raised the turkeys at his farm in Alexandria, Minnesota. The competition was fierce with 80 turkeys in the Presidential Flock, but these two were selected based on their character, showmanship and how they looked strutting their stuff.

These five young women from the 4-H Science Agriculture Team are a part of the Presidential crew. They helped raise the flock and worked with the now famous duo.

“I think we’re looking forward to how the turkey’s will do when meeting the President and everything we get to do," Kerryn Lund one of the 4-H'ers said.

After the turkeys stay at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel they head to the White House. They’re going to meet with President Trump and then they get to stay on a farm just outside in Virginia to enjoy the rest of their turkey days.

Wishbone and Drumstick will join last years’ turkey’s ‘Tator’ and ‘Tot” at Virginia Tech’s “Gobblers Rest” exhibit.

“We have the biggest turkey production in my district," Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN-7) said.

Peterson said he’s proud to have two of his own join the presidential turkey ranks.

For Wishbone and Drumstick the attention is just gravy on an already sweet day.

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