Minnesota to host first presidential primary in decades

WASHINGTON - (Gray DC) It’s the multi-state, make or break day for president hopefuls; Super Tuesday.

The Minnesota Legislature passed a bill in 2016 to reinstate the presidential primary. The first presidential primary held in the state since 1992 will happen on Super Tuesday. (Source: Gray DC)

This year, Minnesotans will have a chance to join in.

“It’s new,” said Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon. “We were typically a caucus state and now we’re a primary state.”

Minnesota lawmakers passed a bill in 2016 to reinstate the presidential primary. It will be the first presidential primary held in Minnesota since 1992 and one of just a handful in state history.

If you’re nervous about making the switch, Political expert Mark Rom from Georgetown University says primaries can pave the way for smaller crowds and shorter voting time commitments.

“You drive to your high school, you walk in, cast your ballot and leave,” said Rom. “It’s much simpler and much easier to do.”

But, with 13 other states also voting the same day, Rom says Minnesota is likely to be lost in the fray.

That doesn’t mean, though, your vote won’t count. State leaders are encouraging you to head to the polls Tuesday.

“Minnesotans, I think, are poised to be number one in the country again in voter-turn out,” said Simon.

This primary is expected to cost the state 11.9 million dollars.

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