Michiganders head to Capitol Hill to demand action on chemical in water

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A group of Michiganders are asking the federal government to take action on eliminating PFAS from their waterways.

The State of Michigan says it is monitoring the area around the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base for higher concentrations of the man-made chemical.

The concern over the PFAS chemical stems from experts believing high concentrations of it in the body can cause adverse health problems.

The State of Michigan acknowledges PFAS chemicals were used in fire-fighting foams on the former base.

Senator Gary Peters (D-MI) said, “When you look at the case of Oscoda for example, where you know you have water that far exceeds by a multiple of several hundred of what folks think are safe, to me that means immediate action and immediate aggressive action to provide safe drinking water for folks.”

While the Environmental Protection Agency offers a guideline for what it says is a healthy amount of PFAS in water, it doesn’t enforce cleanup of water that has more than the healthy amount.

An EPA official told senators on Wednesday that the agency has no plans to revisit that guideline but is considering calling certain types of PFAS compounds hazardous and is working on some water cleanup recommendations.

Oscoda homeowner Anthony Spaniola expressed his dissatisfaction with the EPA and the Department of Defense for not moving quickly to clean up Oscoda's surrounding waterways. He said, “It is beyond frustrating. It is morally criminal the way they’ve treated folks up there.”

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