#MeToo movement sets sights on Election Day

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Sexual assault survivors and their supporters are energized this midterm election. The #MeToo movement has picked up steam over the past few years, even becoming part of a Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

“There has to be movement. There has to be momentum,” said Ebony Tucker, advocacy director for the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

Tucker says Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was disappointing, but she is optimistic the energy surrounding the hearings will bring people to the polls.

“We’re talking about something that has affected so many people in our country,” said Tucker.

She is not telling Americans who to vote for, but wants to remind them of key sexual violence legislation that is up for reauthorization in Congress.

“Wanting the right people in the room to make sure that they are prioritizing what survivors need is hugely important,” said Tucker.

Tucker says this movement is bringing survivors out of hiding, allowing them to speak out and make an impact. Others are not convinced of the movement’s power.

“Their challenge, as with any movement, is going to be to get more broadly people interested in what they have to say,” said Tom Jipping, from the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Jipping says the #MeToo movement is a niche group of people that is already politically engaged. He thinks with other issues consuming Americans, this particular one will take a backseat on Election Day.

“Beyond a constituency that was already energized, a constituency that was already intending to go to the polls, I don’t think it’s going to have much impact,” said Jipping.

The Midterm Election is on November 6.