Marshall announces run for U.S. Senate

Rep. Roger Marshall (R-KS) announced his run for U.S. Senate Saturday. (Source: Gray DC)

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A Kansas congressman wants to be his state's next U.S. senator.

On Saturday, Rep. Roger Marshall announced his bid for Senate in Hutchinson, Kansas.

"We can fix the problems we face, but it will take someone who can tell the difference between rhetoric and accomplishment," Marshall said. "In other words, it will take someone who hasn't spent a lifetime in politics. I will be that Senator."

"The Democrats’ socialist agenda will kill the American dream," Marshall said. "Here in Kansas, we’ve had enough. We’re not going to let government run our lives. We’re not going to let them destroy Medicare as we know it for our seniors, and take away insurance we have. We’re not going to give free health care to those here illegally while veterans and Kansas families go to the end of the line. We’re not going to let urban socialists ruin our farms and ranches or our oil and gas industry with their Green New Deal."

The Republican has served as the 1st District congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2017. He wants to take the place of Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), who will retire from the Senate at the end of this term.

Click below to watch Marshall's campaign ad.

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