Maine educators lecture senators on Kavanaugh vote

Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 4:12 PM EDT
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Maine education officials traveled south this week to put the pressure on their lawmakers. They are spelling it out for their senators that President Trump’s Supreme Court pick will fail Maine students.

“We’re really concerned about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh,” said Grace Leavitt, president of the Maine Education Association.

She says Kavanaugh could devastate public education in Maine. She fears he will push toward privatization in relevant cases before the Court and prevent public school systems from seeing their fair share of tax dollars.

“We need a public education system that will meet the needs of every student so that every student can be successful. We need the funds and the resources for that,” said Leavitt.

Vice President of MEA Jesse Hargrove says he is concerned that education has not played a big role as the Kavanaugh confirmation battle continues. But he says he’s confident his lawmakers will study up moving forward.

“We absolutely made sure that they are thinking about education,” said Hargrove.

Senator Angus King (I-ME) says he will vote no on Kavanaugh. A lot of eyes are on moderate Republican Susan Collins (R-ME), who is considered a swing vote and remains undecided.

Education hasn’t been as hot a topic in the confirmation as abortion and presidential powers. Most of Collins’ GOP colleagues are standing behind Kavanaugh. They see him as more-than-qualified to join the high court.

The Senate is expected to vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination next Thursday. Senator Collins and Senator King were not available for comment.

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