Louisiana lawmakers optimistic for flood relief before 2017

Congressman Abraham (R-LA) says he's confident the $2.1 billion his state needs will be in the...
Congressman Abraham (R-LA) says he's confident the $2.1 billion his state needs will be in the end of the year spending bill.(GRAYDC)
Published: Dec. 1, 2016 at 4:10 PM EST

Time is running out for the current Congress to provide flood relief funding to Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards (D-LA) made his way to Capitol Hill Thursday, trying to help in the fight for more funding. He’s pleading alongside others in the Louisiana delegation as the end of the year looms.

Edwards back in Washington trying to squeeze more flood relief funding out of Capitol Hill. Congressman Ralph Abraham (R-LA) is confident they’ll get something, but they’re running out of time.

"This is just part of what happens on the HIll and is just part of the process as I said," said Abraham. "But it looks like everything is coming together. The clay is going to mold the right way for us, and for Louisiana we’re looking, again, to get over $2 billion."

Abraham says as the state runs out of aid money, he and Governor Edwards are looking for over $2.1 billion from Congress. Abraham says the situation is dire and they need the money now, but he expects both chambers to add funding in the end of the year spending bill.

While this amount is a good start, he realizes they’ll most likely ask for more in the future with the President-elect Donald Trump and a new Congress in place.

"They have to really spool up very quickly on their learning curve, and it is a little more difficult," said Abraham. "Again, I keep going back, that’s why it’s important that Louisiana get this 2.1 billion (dollars)."

"Some lawmakers are speculating they’ll go on recess on December 9 and not return until the new year. That gives the lawmakers less than a week if they want that funding before 2017.