Local Anchorage gun shop owner unfazed by possibility of more regulation

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - It’s no secret Alaskans love their guns. This was confirmed in a new study showing state dependency on the gun industry. With the industry facing backlash in the wake of deadly shootings, an Anchorage gun shop owner says he’s confident the industry is alive and well.

Steven Untiet says he's not worried about more regulation in Alaska because elected officials would lose their jobs if it happens.

“It’ll be alright. We’ll be around. We’re not going anywhere anytime soon,” said Steven Untiet, president of Alaska Custom Firearms in Anchorage.

He says he’s confident even if regulations are imposed it won’t affect his shop. Untiet says Alaska leaders know not to mess with guns in the Last Frontier.

“It’s just not going to happen. There’s just not a politician up here who’s going to want to...they like their jobs,” said Untiet.

A new study from the finance website Wallethub shows Alaska as the third most dependent state on the gun industry. Jill Gonzalez says Alaska senators receive the most money from guns rights groups.

“We might actually see those dollar signs go up if the conversation continues as it is,” said Gonzalez.

There’s uncertainty about what, if anything, will happen to gun laws in the country. James Angel from Georgetown University says all eyes are on Congress.

“If all we do is enforce our current laws better, I don’t think it’ll have much
impact,” said Angel.

Angel says if there is a crackdown on firearms, the economy would go relatively unscathed.

“Even if you look at job losses in gun manufacturing or running gun shows, you’ll have the other economic impact, presumably, of fewer gun deaths and fewer needs to have high security responses,” said Angel.

As of now there is no major gun control legislation being considered in Congress.