Lieutenant governors from around the country gather for White House meeting

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Lieutenant Governors from around the country are in Washington this week for their National Lieutenant Governors Association Feeral State Relations Meeting. The members are meeting to discuss state, federal, and international affairs at the White House, on Capitol Hill and in private sessions.

The lieutenant governors met at the White House Wednesday with administration officials including Administrator Larry Kudlow, from the Small Business Administration. They say a main topic in the meeting was the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement that is meant to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement is still needs Congressional approval before it goes into effect. In the meeting, the lieutenant governors say they discussed their states' top priorities, from auto manufacturing to agriculture to seafood.

The rest of the week includes policy talks and meetings with representatives on Capitol Hill. Other discussions include addressing the homelessness and opioid crisis, energy and environmental stewardship, economic development, education policy, technology in rural areas, federal justice reform, housing, veterans affairs, and more.

Watch the one-on-one interviews with the lieutenant governors above.