Legislation to protect land owners along Red River sits on President's desk

WASHINGTON (GrayDC) A law to help protect private land owners along the Red River is on President Trump’s desk.

It has been a lengthy process to get this legislation passed.

"It requires an objective survey from independent third-party surveyors to determine exactly where the federal boundary is and where the private landowner boundary is," said Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX.

Thornberry introduced the bill in the House. He said it is the first time ever lawmakers are setting a boundary line. He said it has not always been that simple.

"Remember the way this started was the federal government came in and said we think the federal government owns 90,000 more acres than it's ever claimed. Well that just set everything into turmoil," he said.

The Congressman said the legislation if passed, will give the taxpayers certainty.

"If you're a landowner, you might want to sell, you might want to borrow money on it, you just might want to know what you own if you want to pass it along to your kids," Thornberry said.

President Trump is expected to sign the legislation this week, according to the Congressman's office.

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