LA Senators backing Kavanaugh, final confirmation vote expected soon

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The war waged over an opening on the U.S. Supreme Court could be coming to an end soon. Friday, the U.S. Senate narrowly voted to move toward a final vote of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Our Washington Reporter Alana Austin spoke to one Louisiana senator about the final stretch of this months-long process.

Republicans hoping to get Kavanaugh on the nation's top court soon. Louisiana's Senators say they are both backing this pick, despite controversy in recent weeks.

Federal appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh is now a step closer towards sitting on the Supreme Court after several swing-vote senators announced they would vote ‘yes.'

This after a follow-up FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh wrapped up on Thursday. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy said upon reviewing all the facts, he could not find any evidence to support those claims.

“He’s an incredible jurist. He has served with distinction on the DC Circuit Court. I think our country will be well-served, but most particularly fairness has been well-served," said Cassidy.

But support for Kavanaugh remains controversial as most Senate Democrats and other liberal activists argue women who come forward with assault allegations must be believed.

Cassidy says accusations against Kavanaugh were pushed forward at the final hour by Democrats with a political agenda.

“The people on the left thought that they could intimidate senators and by being thugs, by yelling at people and being rude and calling them names, that they could direct the direction of our country - that’s dangerous," said Cassidy.

And that final confirmation vote expected to take place Saturday afternoon.

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