Kentucky plaintiffs celebrate historic SCOTUS decision

U.S. Supreme Court

WASHIINGTON, D.C. - The sun peeked out through dark clouds over the Supreme Court as same-sex couples waited for the moment the court interns ran out with the news. The Court ruled 5-4 that states could not ban same-sex marriages.

“This long battle is finally over,” KY plantiff Michael DeLeon said. Greg Bourke and Michael DeLeon met in Lexington three decades ago when they were both students at University of Kentucky.

“We’re on, this is going down,” Greg Bourke said.

Bourke told us he had a dream early this week that the court’s decision would come down on Friday.

“It was kinda a premonition I guess,” Bourke said.

The couple said they are glad to have new legal protections and the ability to secure second parent adoptions for their two children, but maintain the court’s decision doesn’t change their family.

Balloons spelling love were released into the sky as the couple spoke to us. Steps away, excited supporters sang the National Anthem. Even while in the middle of it all, Burke and DeLeon say they cant wait to get back to Kentucky.

“We are missing the chance to celebrate with their co-plaintiffs and attorneys from back home it will be good to get back and give them a hug and share the love with them,” Bourke said.

In the crowd we found Tevin Johnson Campion. His parents Randy and Paul were also plaintiffs in the Kentucky case.

“Seeing all these people here and feeling that support and feeling that appreciation there is nothing like it. It’s very overwhelming,” said Tevin Johnson Campion.

As the crowds cheered on behind him, Tevin told us his parents fought for years leading up to the court’s decision.

“I don’t think they knew they were going to be an instrumental part of this process, but they always kind of knew this was going to happen just the fact that I can look back and say you know that my family made a difference it’s so powerful and it’s great,” Campion said.