Ken Cuccinelli discusses immigration raids and regulations

Gray DC Reporter Kristin Kasper interviews Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, about new immigration regulations. (Source: Gray DC)

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- After last week's controversial Immigration raids, Director of United States and Immigration Ken Cuccinelli cautions there could be more to come.

"I think you can fully expect to see more operations like you saw in Mississippi," he said.

In an interview with DC Bureau Reporter Kristin Kasper, Cuccinelli discussed the crisis at the southern border. He says we can expect to see additional raids in the future, similar to those in Mississippi that detained nearly 700 people last week.

Cuccinelli also detailed the administration’s newest regulation. New rules, rolled out Monday, will change green card criteria and crack down on immigrant welfare benefits.

“Someone seeking becoming a legal permanent resident will be subject to this filter and will have to demonstrate to our career immigration services officers that they can maintain themselves, without an expectation that they will go on welfare in the future and be a significant burden to the public,” said Cuccinelli.

Federal law already requires a "public charge." Meaning, those seeking to become permanent residents have to prove they will not be a burden to the U.S. The new rules detail a broader range of programs that could disqualify them

Critics say the move targets low-income immigrants and could discourage legal residents from accepting needed public aid.

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