Iowan conservatives call for action on climate change and clean energy

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Some Iowa conservatives want Congress to tackle climate change.

Wednesday, they were on Capitol Hill meeting with Iowa’s senators.

Republican activist Eric Woolson said, “Something is happening with the climate and we do need to take steps to address it.”

Woolson led a group of Iowans saying Congress needs to work together to reduce carbon emissions and promote private industry to develop more clean energy.

Woolson said, “Folks back home do care about clean energy. It’s an economic issue, it’s an environmental issue, obviously there are jobs, it’s a national security issue even.”

The Green New Deal proposal is a set of climate change goals aimed at combating climate change and boosting the economy.

Woolson is concerned that it’s so polarizing that Congress may not be able to act at all.

The group from Iowa spoke with Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Ernst said Democrats introducing the Green New Deal may have made it harder to come to a bipartisan agreement on clean energy.

Ernst said, “I have seen it as a step backwards, I see it as a farce.”

She also said government mandates are not the way to address climate concerns.

Ernst said, “The United States overall impact around the globe is very very small. What we need to see countries like India, countries like Russia, countries like China stepping up to do more to do their part. So, I would love to see my democratic allies, my democratic friends take this plan to china and see how it goes over.”

Proponents say the Green New Deal is meant to get the conversation started.

Christie Goldfuss, from the Center for American Progress, said, “There’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot of room for creative policy approaches on how we reach these long-term goals.”

The Green New Deal has been introduced in the House and the Senate. It is not expected to pass in this divided Congress.

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