Iowa small business official advocates on Capitol Hill for business hit by flooding

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Lisa Shimkat, the state director of Iowa’s Small Business Development Centers, says Iowans need more help recovering from flooding.

Lisa Shimkat, the state director of Iowa’s Small Business Centers, is on Capitol Hill this week advocating for small businesses flooded. (Source: Gray DC)

A recently-passed federal disaster relief package included some help for Iowa flooding victims, but Shimkat said it doesn’t pay for everything Iowa small businesses need to make a full comeback.

She said, “These mom and pop shops, how they’re not looking for a free handout, they’re looking to find some of that hope.”

She said many are taking out loans to rebuild but have been hit with another round of flooding.

Shimkat said, “It hit in March of 2019 and those businesses that were able to get cleaned up and get opened again once again were hit with flooding in the beginning of June and they’re now underwater again.”

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) said of Shimkat’s appearance = on Capitol Hill, “Her testimony in the small business committee yesterday will be very helpful for us to understand what it is that they do, how they do it, if there are processes that need to be changed, and if there are how we can best do that.”

Ernst also said small business owners affected should not wait for the federal government to change anything in the short term… but should reach out to their local emergency managers and FEMA.

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