Bears, guns, and presidents: Inside Don Young's Last Frontier oasis on Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Bears, guns, and pictures of presidents line the walls of the D.C. office of Rep. Don Young (R-AK). The lawmaker is nearing the half-century mark of his time in Washington. He still wishes hunting could be apart of his day job.

“I thought it’d make a great shooting range,” said Young of his office.

He claims it’s the biggest office on Capitol Hill, fitting for the lone House member from the largest state. If a wall has free space in his palace, it is only because he is waiting for more animal heads to be shipped from Africa for display.

“PETA doesn’t like me. I don’t understand that,” said Young.

He says he used to be an animal bounty hunter. He would shoot anything that ate salmon, including seals and bald eagles. He would turn in the evidence of his kills for cash.

“I got three dollars for a nose,” said Young.

Now he spends most of his time locking horns with politicians. He created his Alaskan oasis in D.C. so as to remain in a Last Frontier state of mind at all times.

“It’s got a reputation on the Hill to be the most unique office. And I’ve always said if you don’t like dead eyes don’t come in my office,” said Young.

Young prides himself on his relationship building, whether it be with the nine presidents whose pictures are on his wall, or with members of Congress who have helped him usher 81 pieces of legislation through the House.

“My goal is to speak for Alaskans that have a challenge or a problem with the federal government and try to improve the way they’re living,” said Young.

Young is up for reelection in three weeks and hopes to continue representing Alaskans for the foreseeable future. Possibly because moving out would be nearly impossible.

“I try to promote what I can do for the people. I think they understand that and we’ll see after the election,” said Young.

The midterm elections take place on November 6.