Idaho welcomes Taiwanese company as newest foreign investor

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- An annual business summit is bearing more fruit for Idaho this week. The Idaho delegation continues to use the event to reel in big, foreign fish.

Rick Naerebout says Idaho is the perfect location for this new Taiwanese investor. (Source: Gray DC)

Business leaders from around the world are coming together at the Washington Hilton this week. For the second time in a year, the state of Idaho rolling out a major investment announcement.

“(It is) a great opportunity for us to expand our footprint in the world market,” said Rick Naerebout, CEO of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association.

At the annual Select USA Summit, where connecting American communities with foreign investors is the goal, the Idaho delegation is announcing a new Taiwanese investment in the greater Boise area. Jetton Biochemistry sells dairy protein powders. Naerebout says there is no better place for this company to build a new location.

“They’ve been impressed with our dairymen, our dairy facilities,” said Naerebout.

Jetton represents another big foreign investment notch in the belt for Idaho, though the amount of jobs it will create remains to be seen. This time last year, the state announced a new relationship in the Burley, ID area with the cold storage facility company NewCold.

“We had in our community which is relatively small about $350 million dollars of direct foreign investment between McCain Foods and NewCold,” said Doug Manning, Idaho Economic Development Director.

Manning says companies will keep coming into the state. Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar says summits like Select USA allow him to keep highlighting his state as a premier location for foreign companies to set up shop.

“Having our presence here at Select USA, raising that visibility for Idaho, and looking at those opportunities that it presents for everyone is really the advantage that we have,” said Barigar.

The Select USA conference continues through Wednesday, giving these leaders another day to attract the next big foreign investment.

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