'I Make America' town hall preps workers for Nov. elections

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- One big employer has a big idea to educate the manufacturing workforce. As our Washington Bureau’s Alana Austin reports – the goal isn’t on-the-job training, but to help them find the candidate who will protect their jobs.

It’s only a few months until election day, and candidates are fighting for every vote. As North Dakotans think about who is on the ballot, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers - or AEM - launches a campaign of its own.

“'I Make America' wants to get out there, grassroots, and talk about the issues and it’s not a 30-second soundbite," explains Dennis Slater, President of AEM.

From trade and tariffs, to highways and the farm bill, AEM is inviting workers and executives to learn more about how the major debates in Washington, DC impact them.

Slater says it’s an opportunity to inform and energize their own base for November.

“We’ll hold town hall meetings that talk about the big issues that are out there that impact the company and impact their jobs," said Slater.

Thursday’s town hall in Bismarck will focus on infrastructure issues. Doosan Bobcat’s North America President Richard Goldsbury says Congress must move forward on investing in many projects.

“If we really want to be a world class country to compete on a world class basis globally, we have to have state of the art infrastructure and frankly, we don’t anymore," said Goldsbury.

Goldsbury argues Congress needs to invest more in re-vamping interstates, railroads and waterways, as those projects are critical to moving products across states lines.

He says lawmakers have the power to influence decisions on Capitol Hill and will consider what they hear from people on the ground.

“I know that you don’t get things done immediately, but you inch the ball forward down the field bit by bit by making your views known," said Goldsbury.

The Bismarck town hall begins Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at the Bobcat Acceleration Center.

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