House Republicans head to Baltimore for annual GOP retreat

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A few months after President Trump sharply criticized the city for its' economic and criminal problems, House Republicans are meeting in Baltimore for the annual GOP retreat. President Trump is scheduled to speak at the event.

House Republicans are in Baltimore for the annual GOP retreat, a few months after President Trump criticized the Maryland city on Twitter for its' crime and economic problems. (Source: Gray DC)

The retreat began Thursday and is expected to last until Saturday morning.

During the retreat, GOP conference leader Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), says House republicans will be developing a strategy to flip the house and to achieve a singular goal.

“That is to fire Nancy Pelosi," he said.

Republicans are pushing for approval of the White House backed United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA). Smith says Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to bring the new trade deal up for vote.

“It's making sure we open up more markets for our farmers, for our commodities," said Smith. "We don’t need to be reliant on certain countries. We need diversity.”

Another topic on the table-gun control. Following recent mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, republicans are facing pressure from democrats to pass stronger gun laws.

Members are also likely to take-on healthcare, national security and tax reform.

While the schedule is packed for these republicans, David Bergstein with the DNC says he’s not expecting to see much from this week’s Washington getaway.

“Republicans have been so afraid to do anything that would upset Donald Trump and have him tweeting at them that they refuse to come to the table in good faith,” said Bergstein.

Protests are planned in response to President Trump's visit at the retreat.

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