Homeland Security acting secretary discusses holiday travel

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ARLINGTON, Va. (Gray DC) -- It’s not every day you see a cabinet secretary at the airport.

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf offers travel tips for the holiday season. (Source: Gray DC)

“[Transportation Security Administration] expects a record number of travelers this season," said Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf.

Just a dozen days in his new role, Wolf wants to remind people of the basics:

“Go to the TSA website. Look at what’s prohibited in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. Make sure you’re packing correctly – separating your liquids and gels," explained Wolf.

You can also download the MyTSA app, which shows airport wait times. Lines will be long, so leave enough time. And, be courteous to the TSA officers who are screening you and everyone else.

Wolf is the Trump administration’s fifth Homeland Security secretary. With all the turnover, we asked him what it all means for safety and security.

“We have a great group of professionals at DHS," said Wolf. "They’re dedicated to the mission -- keeping not only the American people who travel and fly safe, but securing our homeland each and every day from the myriad of threats we face. So, I’m fully confident in their abilities.”

And there’s one more thing. Check your driver’s license. If it does not have a star on it, you’re OK for now. But you won’t be allowed to use it to fly next Thanksgiving. The deadline to get a “Real ID” is October 2020. Check with your local motor vehicles department.

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