Hesston police chief receives Medal of Valor after thwarting shooter at Excel Industries in 2016

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - A hero’s welcome at the White House for a Hesston police chief. Chief Doug Schroeder saved lives during a workplace shooting at Excel Industries in 2016 that left three dead and 14 injured. The reason there weren’t more fatalities. Schroeder entered the plant alone and took out the shooter. He’s being honored at the highest level for his actions. President Trump presented Schroeder with the Medal of Valor Tuesday.

Hesston Police Chief Douglas Schroeder says he thinks about the 2016 shooting at Excel Industries every day.

“It’s a great honor to be here to really represent all of the first responders that went that day...EMS, fire, all the other agencies that went besides my own,” said Schroeder.

It’s the highest decoration for bravery exhibited by a public safety officer. Schroeder receives this honor less than a week after a mass shooting at a Florida high school. He says no one should have to go through these tragedies, in Parkland, Hesston or any place else.

“I don’t want to be political, but we just need to do a better job of loving each other. That’s what it boils down to,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder is one of 12 public safety officers who was honored here at the White House. The ceremony was another show of support for law enforcement from the Trump administration.

“You’ve earned an eternal place in our history and in our hearts,” said President Trump.

Schroeder says it’s amazing to hear the stories of the others sharing the day with him. He says all of these heroes deserve the support of this administration.

“We, like anybody, performs better, more efficiently, more effectively when they’re supported and we definitely feel that from the president,” said Schroeder.

This is the second time President Trump has held a Medal of Valor ceremony.