HUD announces $75 million in grants to end youth homelessness

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Thursday that they would allocate $75 million in grants across the country to help end youth homelessness.

HUD Secretary Ben Carson speaks to Gray DC about youth homelessness grants. (Source: Gray DC)

"At the time of your late childhood, early adulthood, this is a time you need a foundation. You need a place you can call home," said HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

Last year, HUD's funding for the issue was $43 million, making this year's grants significantly higher.

"We recognize that the money we allocated last year was used very effectively," said Carson. "It just wasn't enough. It's never enough."

Sec. Carson said that HUD relied on input from youth impacted by homelessness to decide where to give these grants and what was most needed. Of the 23 communities chosen, just eight were urban areas. Sec. Carson said that the issue impacts youth from communities of all types.

Some of the states receiving grants include Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio and Wyoming. Carson said the projects selected to receive grants will focus on providing shelter as well as what the specific area requires.

"We're recognizing fully that our most precious resource is our people," said Carson.
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