House Democrats hoping for bipartisan infrastructure deal after meeting in Virginia

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LEESBURG, VA (Gray DC) -- House Democrats are set to wrap-up their annual getaway in Leesburg, Virginia.

After two days of working to fine-tune their agenda, the caucus is also working to become more united according to leaders.

Congressman Mark Pocan (D-WI) downplayed cracks in party unity and media speculation that his progressive wing of the party could have rifts with House leadership.

Pocan said, “We’ve been lockstep together working together.”

Meanwhile, moderates like Congressman Dave Loebsack (D-IA) says his big city peers don’t get rural America but believes that will come in time.

Loebsack said, “If we still have some of the problems in another 100 days, then I won’t be so optimistic. I still think there’s still time to right the ship in that sense.”

Next, House leaders want a trillion-dollar deal with the president to improve the country’s roads, bridges, and high-speed internet.

But President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday evening, “House Democrats want to negotiate a $2 TRILLION spending increase but can’t even pass their own plan. We can’t afford it anyway, and it’s not happening!”

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