HHS Secretary urges anti-vaxxers to vaccinate their children

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The Trump administration is urging so-called “anti-vaxxers” to vaccinate their children.

HHS Secretary urges "anti-vaxxers" to vaccinate their children. (Source: Gray DC)

This comes as the Centers for Disease Control says there are more recorded cases of measles so far in 2019 [764] than in any other year since 1994.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar made plea to “anti-vaxxer” parents that they speak with their doctor about getting their child vaccinated, and said, “You are putting yourself; you are putting your children; you are putting your community at risk.”

Two weeks ago, White House media asked President Donald Trump for his message to parents who aren’t vaccinating their kids vaccinated against measles. President Trump said, “The vaccinations are so important; this is really going around now. They have to get their shots.”

Some parents have worried about vaccine safety, including suspecting vaccines could cause autism.

Azar said any link between vaccines and autism comes from what he called “junk science”, and said measles is making a comeback because of anti-vaxxers.

Mary Holland, a legal researcher and Graduate Lawyering Program Director at New York University, disagrees with the administration’s approach in trying to apply pressure to parents who choose not to vaccinate.

Holland said, “You have a right to decided what goes into your body, in your children’s body. And if you think because of your religious convictions, because of your conscious convictions, because of a medical exemption that your child shouldn’t be vaccinated, stick to your guns.”

Holland says vaccines can’t be one-size fits all because a group of kids, with different genetic makeups, can react differently. She said she believes some kids can be hurt worse by vaccines than by diseases like the measles.

The CDC recommends nearly 30 vaccines from birth to six-years-old, including two rounds of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine.

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