Governor Walker lays out agenda in campaign blitz

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WAUKESHA (Gray DC) -- Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) wants to give graduates a tax break if they stay and work in Wisconsin for five or more years.

It's one part of an agenda he laid out Wednesday.

Walker said, “Our focus tonight, as it is for the next four years, is tying education into building the workforce for the needs that we have.”

This agenda comes the day after Wisconsin Democrats voted for State Superintendent Tony Evers to challenge Walker.

Walker also said he wants to freeze tuition for another four year at University of Wisconsin schools, and begin apprenticeships sooner.

Walker said, “Advance youth apprenticeships into seventh and eighth grade, not just into high school.”

Walker also warned supporters at a stop at Miro Manufacturing in Waukesha that this re-election bid won't be easy.

He said, “Because you see the left is motivated by anger and by hatred. Anger and by hatred. We heard it time and time and time again in the debates and the forums over the last several months. We need to counter that not with more of the same, but with optimism and organization.

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