Golden prepares for D.C. as election fight lingers

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Court battles continue to play out over one of Maine’s House seats in Congress – and that could leave the next representative at the very bottom of the pecking order.

"I know D.C., I know the Hill, but plenty to learn," Representative-elect Jared Golden (D-Maine) said of the transition from Statehouse to Congress.

The ranked choice run-off that propelled the democrat to apparent victory over incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin delayed the start of his transition. We asked Golden if he plans on getting advice from Poliquin on how to handle Capitol Hill. "I’d be happy to talk anytime," is all Golden said.

Poliquin isn’t giving up hope of keeping the seat for himself. Even If his legal challenges don’t overturn the election, they could prevent Golden from being sworn-in along with the rest of the new congress January 3rd. That would leave the new representative with the lowest seniority on Capitol Hill, limiting his influence immediately and potentially in the future.

Golden said despite the extra-complications involved in his transition, "we’ll get right to work." He’s hoping for an assignment working on issues surrounding transportation, the armed services, or education and the workforce.

But, he said he also needs to figure out how to get home to Maine as often as possible. "Which is my top priority," he noted, "being the most accessible member of Congress in the district as possible."

First though, he’ll need to officially lay claim his spot in Congress.

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