Freshman Michigan congresswoman pushes for bill to protect federal worker pay

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- A group of freshman Democratic House members want to protect federal worker pay during government shutdowns.

The members, led by Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), proposed cutting off pay for members of Congress and the executive branch in the event they fail to come up with a solution to keep the government funded.

The proposal would also stop officials from using taxpayer money to leave Washington, D.C., or to hold taxpayer funded social events during a budget impasse.

Slotkin said after hearing about the recent struggles of federal workers in her district she wanted to find a way to protect their pay.

Slotkin and other supporters of the proposal now face an uphill battle in pushing for the proposal to become law.

Slotkin said, “It’s definitely going to be controversial. I think for some of the members who have been here a really long time who are kind of used to things the way they have been for a long time, the status quo, we know that they are kind of grumbling about it.”

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